Biting Insects


There are several species of insects in Singapore that fall under this category. Biting insects usually pose a problem because of the itch that their bites leave, and the potential diseases that they can carry. Such insects can harm both humans and animals, and infestations are usually hard to control. If you suspect that you have an infestation of biting insects, or if you keep finding small itchy red spots, it’s best to consult the specialist.

Bedbugs (Cimex lectularius)


Size – About ¼ Inch long and appear to be flattened in shape

Colour – Red to brown in colour and the nymph are usually transparent white


Bedbugs infest homes, apartments, hotels by taking a ride on luggage, furniture and other items from one infested area to another. It only takes a female bug and a few eggs in a bag to begin a new infestation elsewhere. They spent their day resting in cracks and crevices in the day and when they detect your body warmth on the bed, they will crawl on you and feed on your blood. Bedbugs are able to survive without blood meal for months.

Cat Fleas (Centocephalides felis)


Size – About 2-3mm long and they are jumping insects

Colour – Reddish Brown to black in colour


Cat fleas need to feed on the blood of animals or humans in order to produce eggs. A female flea can lay about 18 eggs per day and the population can escalate to thousands per week. Bite marks on legs and waist down area can be obvious if encountering them.

Brown Dog Ticks (Rhipicephalus sanguineus)


Size – May reach about ¼ inch in length

Colour – Dark Reddish Brown in colour


Brown dog ticks do not confine themselves to dogs alone, they can also be associated with other animals and people. At outdoors, they attach themselves on grasses and shrubs and will attach to any passing host, which may be a dog, cat or people. The brown dog ticks are usually infesting homes after being brought inside by pets or people.

Bird Mites (Family Dermanyssidae)


Size – Very tiny as small as 0.6mm long

Colour – Varies usually dark but can be in creamy colour depending on species


Bird mites are parasites to birds and are commonly found in birds nest area. They are usually presence when there is a bird nest nearby and will bite people in search of their host.