Paper Disposable Towels

Waste when it comes to disposable paper is the order of the day and brings high costs. I am talking both about environmental costs, linked to waste or the origin of the paper, and economic costs, thinking about the quantities we waste every day.

Today I will give you some tips and tricks to solve this problem that is particularly frequent in the company, to be put into practice without having to be experts in the field.

I think it is important to start with the origin of the paper.

When you buy any type of paper, I recommend that you pay attention to where it comes from and how it is produced. Only paper that comes from recycling and/or controlled cultivation systems that preserve our forests should be used. The labels to keep in mind are Ecolabel, FSC, PEFC (these are the best known, but there are also others), which guarantee a careful extraction and processing of the paper. Attention to the environment is an issue that is very close to our hearts and we will talk more about it in more detail in one of the next articles. In every way you think about it, using paper wisely not only saves us money, but also reduces waste and waste.

One of the most important things is to control the daily paper requirement. Do you have no idea how much paper consumption is per person? Don’t worry, it’s all written down here.

Consider that a towel or roll tear is 20/25 cm if everyone in your company/office/laboratory uses more than:

  1. 120 cm of paper per day you are in an area of improvement (3 wipes per wash).
  2. 150 cm you are in a waste area (4 wipes each time you wash).
  3. Over 200 cm I recommend a quick check (5 wipes each time you wash).
  4. This data only takes into account the use as towels and miscellaneous processing is excluded.

Many times you do not think about it but it is useful to pay attention to the type of dispenser /ispenser with which you use the disposable paper. Often it is obsolete, maintenance-free and/or not proportionate to your needs. It is not advisable to save a one-off on the dispenser and waste every day when using it. Therefore, a practical paper consumption calculator is available by clicking on the link, which will show you which dispenser is best suited to your needs.

The last rule to follow, it may seem trivial to you, but having the material stock under lock and key and follow well how the replacement/recharging of materials takes place, is extremely important. Thanks to the experience in this field I can say that the good management of disposable paper avoids waste of material and money. In fact, paper is very often one of the easiest items to take away from its intended use and it is often found in many places in addition to where it should be.

If you pay attention to these rules then yes, the use of disposable paper will be a winner and will not give you any more problems.

Keep following “The expert’s advice” and you will discover many answers to everyday problems! In the meantime we are waiting for your questions or curiosity to give you more help click here or write in the comments.

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