Where Dust Mites Live

To get rid of dust mites it is important to understand where they live. Although they can be found just about anywhere, having been carried through the wind, a few particular places are known to be their favorite for nesting and breeding:

  • Rugs and carpet – Rugs and carpet hold a lot of humidity, and they capture a lot of food-carrying dust and other food particles.
  • Bed – Beds and pillows are favorite habitats of dust mites because your body often generates moisture while you sleep, creating a comfortably humid environment in your sheets, mattress and pillows.
  • Furniture – Sofas and chairs may also harbor large populations of dust mites, especially if you spend a lot of time on them or eat while sitting on them.
  • Curtains – Curtains, especially thick or heavy drapes, collect a lot of dust, thus attracting dust mites.
  • Plush dolls – Stuffed animals and other plush toys may also harbor dust mites.
  • Clothing – The clothes in your closets, your dresser, on shelves or in your attic are very attractive to dust mites, and they provide a good means of transportation in getting to other locations in your home.

Once you know the areas you have to target, dust mite treatment can begin. Treatment initially starts with eradication of the existing population. After that is accomplished, dust mite treatment consists of keeping up with preventative measures to make sure they do not return.

Climate Control

The first and easiest way to treat a home for dust mites is to control the indoor temperature and humidity. Of course, this becomes more difficult in the summer or in tropical climates and requires the use of air conditioning. If you have rooms that are not air conditioned, you may want to purchase additional air conditioners or extend your central climate control system. If not, the dust mites will simply gravitate to the rooms most suitable to them.